Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Crayola, What did I ever do to you??

My kids love bubbles. And I love bubbles because it keeps them busy in the backyard for awhile. So I was pretty excited when I found the new "Crayola Color Bubbles".

That is until I opened them today and....well...see for yourself...

First I instructed them not to drip any on them. Then I told them not to let bubbles touch them. Then I asked them not to let anymore bubbles drift into my now colorful kitchen. Towards the end we had kids running from bubbles frantically while knocking over the "spill proof" bottles and chasing me with their orange and green colored hands. Then we closed the bottles while I cursed Crayola quietly and headed inside to finish off the fun by coloring my tub orange and green.

But I have to say. After the mess was cleaned up (well mostly...I'm waiting for rain to take care of the backyard) I realized it was kinda worth it. I mean look at this face....

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