Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haven's Preschool!

Yesterday we went to visit a potential preschool. We took Haven and Avie to check it out. It is run by Ms. Kara. We arrived and both Haven and Avie jumped right in with the rest of the kids. Haven got to use sizzors for the first time! We saw some of the kids doing really fun crafts, learning how to use the computer and playing! While they played Ms Kara told us all about what they do while they are there. We decided it was a perfect fit! Not just for Haven, but for Avie possibly as well. Ms. Kara seemed to think Avie was more than ready to join this fall as well! We are particularly excited for the field trips and "preschool production" they put on for family. Don't worry, on the official first day of school we will have plenty of pictures to share!