Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Baskets!

Easter is almost here! Most of you know I can be pretty "picky" when it comes to how much sugar and candy I give the kiddos. I always try to come up with candy alternatives for the Easter Baskets. I also am a fan of saving money! So here is a list of items I'm including in the easter basket this year. Feel free to add suggestions!

These have less sugar than other fruit snack brands!

These are a great alternative to twizzlers!

Ok...these have a decent amount of sugar...but they are so good.

You can get this for right around $1 and it makes for some fun crafts!

My kids love getting new tooth brushes! I got this idea from

For young kids, safety sizzors are a great idea. Cheap and good to have around for crafts.

Flower seeds! You can get a pack for 50 cents! All you need a small area to let the kids have fun. Since our entire back yard is weeds and we don't have time or money to invest any time soon, I decided I will let the kids go crazy. They each will get 2 packs of seeds and they can put them where ever they wish and watch them grow! I'll show pics once we see some results!

For even more ideas visit

As for candy...dont worry. I'm sure the grandparents will glady cover that part. ;)