Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the Award goes too....

I received a Kreative Blogger Award! I had no idea there was an award, but my good friend Jamie gave it to me. The rules are I have to list 6 things I love and I have to award it someone else. So...

6 things I love...
my children
quality time with people I love

And I'm giving the award to Christine Canas! She recently started blogging and I've enjoyed her updates on her family!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Haven's Space Ship Bed!

Saturday we completed the space ship bed Papa made for Haven! Mom was a little sad to see him in his crib for the last time, but Haven was thrilled. He was right in the middle of everything and helped where he could. Mostly he jumped on his new bed while they finished adding the pieces. That night when it was bed time we laid him in his new bed and he did great. He woke once a little freaked out, but was just fine after Dad went in to remind him how cool his new bed was. In the morning he didn't climb out alone though. He waited for us just as if he was still in his crib.
Thanks Papa for such a cool bed!


For Halloween last weekend we took the kids to the Fall Festival at Flatirons Church. They had cake walks, trick or treating out of car trunks, and air castles for jumping. Haven had so much fun. After we voted for our favorite decorated pumpkin we went outside to the parking lot for some trick or treating. I tried teaching Haven to say "trick or treat", but he was so overwhelmed by all the costumes and free candy he didn't say much. He did manage "more please?" on a few occasions.
After we could not fit any more candy in his Elmo basket we headed inside for some jumping. This was definitely Haven's favorite. They had 6 or 7 different air filled activity jumpers. Haven was so excited he could hardly wait in line. Once he got in a jumper someone would have to crawl in after him to get him to come out. Avie was too small to join him but she watched from the side. She caught on to the idea in no time and started jumping on the edge.
After both kids were spent we headed home and Haven tried some of his very first candy! He's allowed one piece after lunch everyday and he never forgets to remind me. ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Praise God!

Congress passed a bill protecting unborn babies with disabilities. This is a huge step and an important one. This bill offers support and other options besides abortion to mothers who learn their children will be born with a disability like down syndrome. This is the way to end abortion. Give these moms support and better options.